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About Emily

Registered to the Society of Homeopaths, Emily qualified as a fully licensed homeopath from the internationally acclaimed Centre for Homeopathic Education in Bloomsbury (London). Following qualification, she undertook further studies in clinical research to obtain a degree in her chosen field through Middlesex University (London), later working at the world-renowned Nelson's Homeopathic Pharmacy (Mayfair, London). 


In addition to experience in the care, education, and arts sectors, Emily also holds  a degree in Philosophy from the University of the West of England (Bristol). She also possesses an extensive knowledge of herbs and supplements, something which greatly compliments the holistic nature of her practice. 

Emily Healy


'From the moment we meet, you’re at the centre of the process. Dedicated to providing an accepting, ethical, and empowering approach to holistic health, I take the time to understand your individual needs. Lasting healing can only occur when you're seen, heard, and respected. 

By understanding symptoms as outward expressions of inner disharmony and dis-ease, I work to piece together any factors keeping you from living your most vibrate and vital life. The process is extremely  gentle, collaborative, and illuminating. Time and time again, I've been honoured to act as a support and guide to patient's healing  journeys. 


As the body and mind  become more aligned, changes in energy, outlook, and mood are expected. Blocks you may have been unaware of or battling for years, are easily and permanently removed. And like an onion, layer upon layer of illness, aches, imbalances, discomfort are peeled away, bringing you closer to your authentic state of being.'

'Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it, and watch the whole transform.'
- Rene Descartes

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